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Residential Services 2

Hardscape Construction provides diverse services using concrete and interlock for all residential property needs such as walk-out basements, walkways, patios, driveways and french curbs. We also do strategic planning for all your hardscape needs in order to execute your vision and make it so you can utilize your property to its full potential.

Over time concrete in a home can deteriorate if not maintained properly. Hardscape Construction also specializes in the restoration of verandas, garage floors, basement floors and cold cellars – all at a competitive price.

General Information:

  • Slabs on grade are poured with the strength of 32 MPA concrete
  • 5 inches of concrete is placed on top of 5 to 6 inches of compacted granular base
  • Wire mesh is used to reinforce the slab along with steel rebar when necessary
  • Expansion joints (Foam) are used whenever pouring against an existing structure
  • Saw cuts are strategically placed to prevent or minimize cracks

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